Sunday, 29 June 2014

E-banking & Travel

With the use of computers E-banking is possible. E-banking is electronic banking also referred to as online banking or virtual banking. E-banking services include; electronic funds transfer, internet banking automated teller machines, mobile banking and telephone banking. Persons are able to do business transactions, for example paying a bill from the comforts of their home using a credit or debit card, and even setting up recurring payments. Which is convenient and saves time as it cuts out the time standing in long lines at the bank. One always have access to their balance and can monitor their transactions. Some banks offer alerts through text messaging when money is withdrawn from an account a message is sent to their cell phones so they are able to monitor their account. You can transfer money for personal or business purposes.

People can research or make travel arrangements over the internet . They can book flights, hotels or vacation packages. Popular travel website are ; Booking, Tripadvisor, Yahootravel and Expedia.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Research on the world wide web & Recreation

People use the internet as a research tool to find unlimited information either for a project, a job or family tree. Students can access several online websites and databases to gather information for projects. It's very important for students to evaluate information they find on the internet as not everything on the internet is correct. Students should evaluate websites for content, authority, currency, bias and documentation and delivery. The URL will tell what type of organization produced the site; .com is a commercial site, .edu is an academic, .gov is a government site, .org is non-profit organization site, .net is a network or service provider and .mil is a military site.

Popular research databases include; EBSCOhost, ProQuest, LexisNexis and WorldCat . For job seekers searching for jobs useful sites include; Monster, Job Bank, TorontoJobs, and Beyond. For those researching there family tree helpful sites include; Ancestry, Familysearch , Rootsweb and Genweb.


Adults and children use the internet for recreation such as playing games like Solitaire, Farmville and Candy crush. Listening and watching music videos on website like Vevo, meeting people on Facebook, Myspace or meeting people on online dating websites such as Match. Reading online newspapers example; Torontostar, Globe and mail, National Post and Toronto Sun.


Friday, 27 June 2014

Send and receive electronic mail & Create word documents

Email VS snail mail
Before computers and electronic devices became popular, everyone would send letters and post cards via the post office. This form of sending information to love ones, family and businesses usually takes days, especially if they were thousands of miles away. Now this form of communication has decreased since the popularity of the internet and email.
What is email?
E-mail is an electronic form of communication which is commonly used by family members, teachers and businesses to communicate. This medium of communication takes second to reach the intended recipient unlike snail mail (post office).  Each user must have an e-mail address in order to send and receive text or images. E-mail addresses are usually provided free of cost by Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail to name a few.
There are lot of questions we could ask ourselves pertaining to email:

Creation of word documents
Prior to having computers, documents were either hand written or typed on manual or electronic typewriters. These processes were quite slow and prone to errors. With the introduction of computers, the process of creating documents. programs, presentations, applications and budgets are much easier. There are many software and apps, available on computers and tablets that can expedite the creation of documents and presentation. If errors are made during the creation of the documents, the use of a delete button or back space can quickly correct the mistake. As a result companies, who were using type writers back in the days quickly migrated to the use of computers.

Microsoft Office Suite
Most computers comes with either a trial or full version of Microsoft Office suite that can be used to create a wide variation of documents, web publishing, power point and spread sheet. All business uses some form of computers and office software to create documents and power point.



Thursday, 26 June 2014

Storage of Data

Storage Devices:
We can ask ourselves what is data and where can data be stored? Computer data can be considered as information in any format that can be stored on any electronic device or in the cloud. Devices that has any form of storage capability can store any data. Storage device can be considered to be computers, tablets, smart phones and even cameras.  As we grow further into the electronic world, we are striving for more external cloud base storage, such as google drive, OneDrive, Amazon and Dropbox. Some of these cloud base storage are free and others charge a nominal fee for gigabyte of storage

Large amount of data can be stored for personal or business use. Information can be stored internally, externally or in the cloud. Computer storage is measured in bytes; kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) and terabytes (TB). Information is stored internally on the computer’s hard disk drive which is a metal or plastic disk. It can store huge amounts of documents, photos, videos, music and programs.  

Please click the link below to watch a video of cloud computing and storage.
Cloud Computing and storage

Saturday, 31 May 2014


Computers play a major role in our daily life regardless of our age, it is used by both adults and children. I chose this topic because computers are important in our daily life as they improve efficiency and productivity. With the computer industry growing at such a rapid rate everyone now has access to laptops, smart phones and tablets which are now replacing desktops. The significance of computers in our daily lives can be judged by the amount of people using them to order items online, watch a movie, read the newspaper, play games, read e-books and communicate with people. There are people who's lives are total dependent on computers and smartphones. Those people are generally classified as tech junkies and can have withdrawal syndromes, if they are detached from their devices.

In this blog I will talk in detail about 7 ways in which computers can help you in your daily life. See list below;

1. Storage of data 

2. Send and receive electronic mail    

3. Create word documents   

4. Research on the world wide web    

5. Recreation    

6. E-banking    

7. Travel